Brew & Ewe
as featured in the Greenville News
By Eric Connor

If anything, the name of Tim and Sarah Day Hurley's new downtown Greenville restaurant is enough to generate curiosity.

The Brew & Ewe, it's called. And it means exactly what it says.

One half of the shop is dedicated to a coffee, pastry and sandwich bar. The other half is a boutique that features a variety of wool-related items, as well as other local crafts.

The idea is less surgical marketing strategy and more a way for the two to express their creative interests after taking a hiatus from their careers as attorneys.

In particular, Sarah has always wanted to own a sheep farm (she might still do that someday, she says). She loves sheep, wool and knitting. She originally intended to open only a boutique, but the two figured a coffee bar would be pretty cool, too.

What developed is Brew & Ewe, a quirky place to buy a gift, drink some gourmet coffee and socialize.

"It's a desire to do something creative," Sarah says. "I feel like I've done something positive for the community. You have a dream and you just want it fulfilled."

On one side is the boutique, which resembles a cottage-style entrance. The rest of the building -- 2,000 square feet with ceilings high like a warehouse -- is dedicated to a social area.

Each wooden table has a checker/chessboard, built in by Tim, and reflecting his love of and prowess in chess. Upstairs is a semi-private balcony-type seating area where groups can meet and kids can play with children's toys. Sarah plans to gear up knitting classes soon.

The coffee shop features gourmet coffees from around the world. Tim says the variety is in the bean that's used, not necessarily the blend. He orders beans from Kenya and Sumatra, among other places.

The barista uses a manual coffee maker. Each coffee creation, Sarah says, is a work of art -- like individual shots of Espresso Toscano ($1.50 single, $2 double, $2.50 triple); spiced Chai tea ($3.45, $3.95 and $4.45); and the Fruit Green Tea Smoothie ($3.95).

The coffee shop recently added a sandwich and salad menu ($4.95 to $6.25), and desserts and sides such as the Russian Piroznky ($1.50), which is made by a local Russian couple.

Brew & Ewe -- at 108 West Broad St., across from Raymond James at the Peace Center -- is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays; and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays. Call 370-2739.



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