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We proudly serve Counter Culture Coffee


Brewed house blend full bodied

   with wine-like and earthy tones

12 oz.    16 oz.    20 oz.

                         2.00       2.45       2.95

We serve seasonally available, certified 
organic coffees from around the world such
as Kenyan, Sumatran, or Columbian:


                                    12 oz.    16 oz.

            By the cup         3.00       3.25

            French Press      3.50 (20 oz.)


Want some of our fresh coffee beans

 for home?   12 oz. bag –  $12.95

Café au lait

Brewed coffee with steamed milk

                 2.45       2.75       3.25

Espresso Toscano        

        Single shot         2.25

        Double shot       2.50

Shot in the Dark

Brewed coffee with shots of espresso

              2.95       3.50       3.95



Espresso and hot water

              2.25       2.50       2.95



Espresso and steamed milk

(May also be served iced or blended)

              3.50       4.25       4.95


Espresso and steamed half & half

              3.95       4.50       5.50



Espresso and foamed milk

              3.50       4.25       4.95



Latte with chocolate flavoring

(May also be served iced or blended)

              3.95       4.50       5.50




Hot Tea                                          2.00

Mighty Leaf Premium Line

     Chamomile Citron

     Earl Grey

     Earl Grey Decaf

     English Breakfast

     Green Tea Passion

     Jasmine Mist



     Spiced tea with milk

                 3.50       4.25       4.95



     Soy milk is available upon

         request for $.50


     Assorted flavored syrups are

         available upon request for $.50


Torani Real Fruit Smoothies        3.95

     Blueberry Pomegranate





Fresh Lemonade Smoothie            3.95

Root Beer Float                              3.25

Hot Chocolate     3.50        3.75        3.95

Steamer              2.95       3.25       3.75

     Steamed milk with your choice

       of  flavored syrup

Iced tea                                           1.50

     (free refills)



Bacon, Egg & Cheese                                  3.95

     sandwich on toast or bagel               


Fresh Fruit, Yogurt & Granola Parfait         3.75


Assorted muffins, bagels, breads,

& pastries also available.



All sandwiches served on wrap, wheat, or white bread with your choice of chips, fruit salad or pasta salad.


Turkey Club                                                7.95

      Turkey, bacon, feta cheese, greens,

       and tomatoes, with dill mayo    


Curried Chicken Salad*                             7.95

    The overwhelming favorite!


Tuna Salad                                                  6.95

     Our own recipe – delicious!


Veggie                                                         6.95

     Served with your choice of: cheese,

      tomatoes, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts,

      spring greens, carrots, red onions,

      and Ranch or Greek dressing.        


Turkey Ranch                                            7.95

     Turkey, cheese, alfalfa sprouts and

     Ranch dressing               


Bagel with Lox                                                7.95

     Served with cream cheese, capers,

     and red onions – a sophisticated

     alternative to the usual sandwich



Cucumber & Cream Cheese                    5.95

      Try this classic sandwich on a

      wrap for a light and healthy lunch


Pimento Cheese                                        6.95

     A Southern tradition

     ....good with bacon too!                          8.95


BLT                                                           6.95

     Served with mayo, of course,

      unless you tell us otherwise

Spring greens, tomatoes and/or red onions

may be added to any sandwich upon request.    




Curried Chicken Salad*                          7.95

     Our popular curried chicken

     salad served on a bed of spring

     greens with sliced apples and grapes


Bikini Salad*                                           6.95

     Spring greens with walnuts, feta,

     cranraisins, crumbled bacon and

     strawberries, served with low fat

     Raspberry Walnut dressing


Tuna Salad                                              6.95

     Our tuna salad served on a bed

     of spring greens with sliced

     carrots and tomatoes


Greek Salad                                           6.95

    Spring greens with feta cheese,

     black olives, red onions, tomatoes,

     and pepperoncini


House Salad                                          6.95

    Spring greens with cucumbers,

      tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, red onion,

      carrots, and cheddar cheese


Brew & Ewe Delight*                           8.95
     For when you’re really hungry,

     choose three of the following:

     curried chicken salad, tuna salad,

     fresh fruit, and Greek pasta



Greek Pasta Salad                         1.50

Fruit Salad                                      1.75

Chips                                               0.95

Fresh Fruit                                      0.75

  (Banana, Orange or Green Apple)      

Soup of the Day                              4.00



In a hurry? Call ahead to

place your order –370-BREW (2739)


*Note: Several of our menu items,

including the Curried Chicken Salad,

contain walnuts.

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